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Count Up/Down Timer (TM-38)


A simple to use count-up or count-down timer. It is ideal for the food trade, laboratories, education and industry. This count up/down timer is easy to program and has a high-frequency alarm on expiry of count-down times.

99minutes 99seconds x 1 second
Large 20mm LCD display
Quick and easy operation with start, stop, reset and numeral keys
Count-down mode with alarm on expiry
Count-down can be stopped and restarted at any point
Memory to store last count-down time setting
Auto repeat function & countdown
Count-up mode until stopped
Cumulative count-up function – count-up can be paused and re-started without losing the cumulative time count
Timer can be mounted on a magnetic surface or suspended using the strap and hook
Impact-resistant ABS case with flip-out desk stand and rear magnet
Supplied with battery