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Marketplace and scheduler,
for school science equipment


Reserve equipment on the go

Tell your colleagues what you need, and when you need it, from your computer or phone.

No more complex spreadsheets, lost emails or scraps of paper.


Take stock

Manage your inventory with a searchable database.

Prevent double-bookings by limiting the number of microscopes that can be reserved at once.

Restock from your favourite suppliers, all in one place

When supplies run low, reorder from our marketplace of trusted suppliers. When items arrive, they'll appear in your inventory

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Get started in minutes

We'll handle the setup.

Upload your practicals from a spreadsheet or email it to us. We'll put it on Bunsen for free.

How are we free for schools?

We take a small commission fee from suppliers if you purchase from our marketplace - but this is completely optional.

You pay the same price for goods when purchasing on our marketplace as you would when purchasing from a supplier. If you'd like to support us, simply purchasing your usual equipment via Bunsen would mean a lot!

Get organised

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