School science, simplified

Marketplace and scheduler for school science equipment

Supporting inspiring science teaching

Reserve equipment for lessons

Tell colleagues what you need and when you need it.

Free for schools

Bunsen is free for schools. We take a small commission from suppliers if you purchase from our marketplace - but this is completely optional.

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We'll set you up for free

Email your timetable, practicals, or stock list to We'll get you started for free.

Bunsen marketplace

Browse thousands of products on a single marketplace of trusted suppliers, rather than buying from supplier sites one by one

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Spend your budget efficiently

Compare prices from multiple suppliers quickly

Mobile friendly

Make requisitions on your computer, phone or tablet

A technician's best friend

Bunsen is a hub for requisitions, stock management and procurement that's free for schools.

Manage requisitions

Bunsen lets teachers book out equipment for practical lessons.

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Prevent double bookings
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Mobile friendly
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Free for schools

Purchase efficiently

Bunsen is the first marketplace for school science supplies that lets you mix and match products from your favourite suppliers, helping you spend your budget more efficiently - instead of comparing prices and features on supplier sites one by one.

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Mix and match products from different suppliers
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Compare prices and features quickly
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Browse 7000+ products - the largest range of school science equipment in the UK
Selected suppliers and brands