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  • Predergast Vale School
  • Biddick Academy
  • Reaseheath College
  • Sedbergh School
  • Lady Eleanor Holles
  • Skinners Kent Academy
  • The Victory Academy
  • Northgate High School
  • Gad's Hill School
  • Grace Academy
  • Maghull High School
  • ISA Aberdeen
  • The Suthers School
  • Allerton Grange
  • Elizabeth Woodville School
  • Callerton Academy
  • Leasowes High School
  • Bedford Free School
  • Chorus Trust
  • Ridgewood School
  • Solihull Academy
  • Seaton Valley Federation
  • Redhill School
  • Kirkstone House School
  • St Joseph's College, Ipswich
  • Mayville High School

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Bunsen searches major suppliers to find the best prices for your equipment.

Save your department money and impress your HoD, without extra work.

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Want to bring something new to your lessons, but don't know where to start?

Don't wait for the next big conference - discover the latest lesson kits and Edtech on Bunsen.

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Bunsen's search and filters are built specifically for school science departments.

Search for chemicals by name or formula, or filter beakers by material or capacity.

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Free technician apps

Our technicians' toolbox has a bunch of free apps to boost your productivity, including:

  • our free requisitions app
  • an equipment services finder
  • databases of grants, trips and waste disposal services