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Autoclave (Automatic Digital) 16Lt

£599.99 £783.00


This autoclave is used for sterilisation purposes. Sterilisation is the complete destruction of all micro organisms including the most resistant bacteria and spores. It uses a heater assembly at the bottom for making dry saturated steam for effective sterilisation. Fitted with an ON/OFF illuminated rocker switch, preset temperature controller linked to a preset timer (preset at approx 121 degrees C/15-16psi) and one stainless steel drum. Pressure is indicated by a pressure gauge. LED for the heater is provided.

Inner Dimensions 30cm Dia x 23cm Height

Maxium operating perimeters 103.4kPA (15psi) / 121 Degrees

External Dimensions 495 x 460 x 475 mm

Supply: 230V AC, 50Hz, single phase
Heater 1800W
Timer: preset at approximately 20 minutes

Instruction Manual. Autoclave