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KidWind 2V/400mA Solar Panel (VR129856)



External screw terminals and attached clip cords make the panels easy to use.

Activities and Concepts


  • Build a solar fan: Build a solar fan with a solar panel, solar motor, and a propellor rotor.
  • Solar panel efficiency: Compare the efficiency of a solar panel over time without changing the angle of the panel. Set up a monitoring station with a multimeter and solar panel. Check on power output throughout the day, at least once per hour.
  • Compare temperature and the rate for temperature increase, depending on time of day and ambient air temperature.


  • Understanding clean energy; discovering and discussing solar power as an energy source
  • Exploring circuits, electricity, and magnetism
  • Designing controlled experiments
  • Analyzing data
  • Understanding differences between energy and power
  • Learning about weather and climate