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In Search of the Cancer Gene (915)


Suppressor genes such as p53 are essential for cell functions. Mutations in the p53 gene can be correlated to predisposition for certain cancers. Mutations in genes can either be inherited or accumulated due to environmental insults. This experiment deals with a family pedigree determination of several generations relating to cancer formation due to p53 gene mutation. This experiment does not contain human DNA.

Kit Includes:

Instructions, pre-digested DNA samples, UltraSpec-Agarose™ powder, electrophoresis buffer, SYBR® Safe DNA stain, FlashBlue™ DNA stain, 1 mL pipet, microtipped transfer pipets, chromatograms.

All You Need:

Electrophoresis apparatus & power supply, automatic micropipette with tips, balance, microwave or hot plate, water bath (65ºC), UV Transilluminator or blue light visualization system, pipet pump or bulb, 250 ml Flasks, small plastic trays, UV safety goggles, computer with internet access, lab journal, distilled or deionized water.