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The Bench Top EHT a floating, high voltage power source useful for supplying charge for quantitative electrostatic experiments, gas discharge tubes / spectrum tubes. Continuously variable output up to 6 KV DC. 6V/2AAC or 12V/2AAC filament heating supply, insulated for EHT Voltages. Current limited output: 0-6 KV DC, 50μA with 50MÙ resistor is also provided in this power supply. Arotary control knob provided on the front panel to adjusts the EHT output. Non-hazardous maximum load capacity of 3mA (short circuit current). A digital meter is provided on the front panel to set the required voltage. All outputs via clearly marked 4mm shielded sockets. Both input and output fuse protected. Plastic Box with Indicator type ON/OFF switch. Supplied complete with detachable mains lead.

Size 270 x 321 x 156mm (LxWxH) Weight 5.5Kg