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Demountable Transformer (801740)


This heavy duty demountable transformer can be used for the study of
transformertheory and many other alternating current phenomena.
This kit consists of:
1. A magnetic circuit made of highly permeable U shape metal sheet,
which can be closed using two clamps with tightening screws.
2. Section: 40 x 40 mm with 150 mm length and 170 mm height.
3. One coil of 6000 turns with maximum current of 0.2 A. Intermediary coil
of 2000 turns output.
4. One coil of 600 turns with maximum current of 2.5 A, which is mainly
used to create the primary of transformer.
5. One coil of 1200 turns, with maximum current of 1.25 A, fitted with
intermediary 400 and 800 turns outputs.
6. One coil of 72 turns, with maximum current of 12 A, fitted with
intermediary 6, 30, 54 and 66 turns outputs.
7. Power supply cable