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First Aid Kit Small


The kits meet BS 8599-1 (British Standard) for workplace first aid kits.
Contents (contents list included in pack):
1 x guidance leaflet, containing basic first aid advice
2 x medium sterile dressing: min. 7.5cm x 2m, with absorbent pad 12cm x
2 x large sterile dressing: min. 10cm x 2m, with absorbent pad 18cm x 18cm
2 x triangular bandage: 20gsm (non woven or cotton) 90cm x 90cm x 127cm
2 x sterile eye pad dressing: 5cm x 1.5m with oval pad 7cm x 5cm
40 x assorted washproof plasters - island design: 10pcs 72 x 25mm; 5pcs 72 x
19mm; 5pcs 38 x 38mm
20 x alcohol-free wipes: 80cm2
1 x adhesive tape: 2.5cm x 5m
6 x pairs nitrile gloves: size 8 - 9; EN455-1 & EN455-2
2 x sterile finger dressing: 4cm x 30cm, with pad 4cm2
1 x resuscitation face shield: one way valve
1 x foil blanket: 130cm x 210cm
1 x burns dressing: 100cm2
1 x scissors: 14.5cm
1 x conforming bandage: 7.5cm x 4m
1 x plastic box: with two 4c stickers