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CO2 MONITOR (38/920/0)

£89.55 £99.50

The  carbon dioxide detector measures Carbon Dioxide (CO2), air
temperature and humidity. The device helps measure ventilation in enclosed
spaces such as classrooms, offices, and hospitality venues, and helps in the
fight against the spread of contagious disease such as Covid-19.
People exhale carbon dioxide when they breathe out. If there is a build up of
CO2 in an area it can indicate that ventilation is poor and should be improved.
The device adopts a high-precision non-dispersive infrared CO2 sensor that
detects CO2 accurately and sensitively.
The product uses a high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery inside, making
it ideal to move around a space.
To preserve electricity, the device powers off after 30 minutes of inactivity.
A USB charging cable is provided allowing the user to recharge the device
using either a PC or mains plug.
This detector is supplied complete with certificate of calibration.
Product features:
· Measures carbon dioxide, air temperature and humidity
· Powerful tool in the fight against Covid
· Measures ventilation in enclosed spaces such as classrooms and workplaces
· 2.4” TFT color display
· Checks for carbon dioxide concentrations and displays temperature and relative humidity
· NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) carbon dioxide sensor
· Indoor air quality displayed in ppm with colour coded good, normal and poor indicators
· Supplied complete with calibration certificate
Product specifications:
CO2 concentration measurement
Range: 0 to 9999ppm
Accuracy: +/-75ppm / +/-5% of rdg
Resolution: 1ppm
Temperature and humidity detection
Temperature range: -20 to +70°C
Temperature accuracy: +/-2°C
Temperature resolution: 0.1°C
Humidity range: 0 to 100%RH
Humidity accuracy: +/- 3.5%RH (20 to 80%RH) otherwise +/-5%RH
Humidity resolution: 0.1%RH