Meet Bunsen

Bunsen lets technicians discover, compare, and purchase products from multiple suppliers on a single site.

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Make your competitive advantage known by decision makers in UK schools: science technicians and heads of department


Be found by new schools and science departments as they browse for their regular supplies

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Piggy-back off our marketing and referral schemes as we grow our technician base on our free integrated equipment scheduling app

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Effortless listings

Export a CSV of SKUs to list, or request to sync your SKUs automatically with Bunsen. There's no subscription fee: only pay commission when a purchase is made

Selected suppliers and brands

The catalogue is dead.

That’s a Griffin & George catalogue from 1969. Many school procurement workflows haven’t changed much since then.

But our lives have. Now we buy books from Amazon. We rent homes on Airbnb. We travel on Uber.

We’re all used to the convenience of multi-vendor marketplaces when buying things for ourselves. So why should schools put up with the old way of doing things?

Just as we moved to e-commerce a decade ago, one by one, sectors are being streamlined by B2B marketplaces, echoing the change in our consumer lives.

Let's do the same for schools so they can focus on children's learning.

Don't dance with the devil.

Bunsen is a true marketplace. That means that we don't compete with our sellers by stocking our own versions of products.

Instead, we partner with you to grow your customer base and meet the expectations of modern school procurement, without feeding the beast.

Backed by the very best

Bunsen has just closed a funding round with investors from leading startups, marketplaces and edtech companies

Fuel Ventures

Leading UK early stage investor, funding B2B marketplaces for AI models, construction materials, and now school supplies

UK Research and Innovation

Bunsen is the recipient of a competitive UK Government grant

Claire Valoti

VP International, Snapchat

Srin Madipalli

Founder, Accomable (acq. Airbnb), ex-Head of Diversity, Airbnb

Dr Charles Wiles

Founder Zzish, formerly UK Product Engineer #1, Google


" I’m interested to see where this takes this market"

Been working with Bunsen for the past year. I find the platform very easy to navigate, I can clearly keep track of the company’s existing and past orders and expect the business will continue to grow and develop. Alex has always provided me with great customer service, replying quickly to all my emails and ready to pick up the phone at a moment’s notice. I’m interested to see where this takes this market.

Gary D'Cruz
Senior Territory Sales Manager, SLS Select Education

"A significant impact on spending our budget"

I would just like to say thank you for developing the Bunsen programme. This has helped to develop the smooth running of our science department. We now have all teachers on board with using the programme weekly and they have found it easy to use.

From a technician's point of view, as well as making the ordering of items easy, I have been able to track late requests, add important documents and let teaching staff know if items are available through the stock availability system.

I like the marketplace ordering feature which I have used it on several occasions enjoying discounts and free p&p . The feature allows me to see in an instant a comparison of costs for similar items which has a significant impact on spending our budget.

It has particularly useful that you have been very receptive to my questions and suggestions with a swift reply and solution if available.

Lastly, I would like to say well done Alex, I appreciate all your efforts to make the running of a school science department that much easier and free of charge to schools.

Maureen Wade, RSciTech, MRSB, MIScT
Senior Technician, The Victory Academy

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