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215mm Workplace Thermometer (TH-410)


he ATH-410 is the smallest of our three specially designed workplace thermometers at 215mm. All three versions are custom built to help monitor working environments in accordance with Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992 Section 7. The smallest of the three comes with a singular hanging hole whilst the bigger models have one on the top and bottom for extra security.

The thermometer is very easy to read and delivers a combined measurement in °C and °F. It also provides a clear indication of 16°C, which is the level required for minimum workroom temperature.

It has two bigger brothers the ATH-390 and the ATH-374 that offer the same benefits but scale up considerably for easier viewing. ATP recommend the the two smaller models for the smaller workplace such as an office and the larger model for industrial environments or larger shared offices.