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Pig Pluck (Singular) (SFSPIGPLUCK)


The vendor has run out of stock for this item.

Full pig pluck ( larynx, trachea, lung, heart and liver). Taken from pigs under 12 months of age, free from imperfections. Passed as fit for human consumption and frozen within 24 hrs of slaughter.

Please note:Due to present regulations at slaughter the hearts on the plucks may have an incision made into them (due to food safety inspection) , but all elements of the organ remain in place.


Individually vacuum packed.


Per organ approximately: 2.75kgs


Shelf life (in freezer): 2 yearsDefrost time: 48 hours in fridge, 24 hours ambient.Defrosted shelf life (in fridge): 5 days

Halal: No