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Lamb Pluck (Singular) (SFSLAMBPLUCK)


1 review

Full lamb pluck (all in one piece as removed from body cavity). Taken from lamb under 12 months of age, free from imperfections. Passed as fit for human consumption and frozen within 24 hrs of slaughter.


Individually vacuum packed.


Per organ approximately: 1.85kgs


Shelf life (in freezer): 2 yearsDefrost time: 36 hours in fridge, 24 hours ambient.Defrosted shelf life (in fridge): 5 days

Halal: Yes

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Courier lost the package but the replacement arrived quickly

Usually, these SFS dissection supplies arrive within a couple of days, but this one did not turn up. It turned out that the courier had managed to lose the package (must have smalled lovely!) but it was easy to get a replacement sent out, which arrived the next day at no extra cost.
The plucks were good quality and arrived fully frozen, unslashed with all organs intact. All three that I ordered had a tongue, larynx, trachea, lungs, heart (with aorta, vena cava, etc.) liver, and diaphragm visible. The lungs were easy to inflate with a bellows. Teacher was very happy with the quality of the organs.