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BrightSparks Renewable Energy Kit Advanced (REK-A)


Contents 2 x Solar Cell modules (3.0V 100mA each), Diode module Electricity Hand Crank, 4 Battery modules (short circuit protected) 3 x Bulb modules (Series & Parallel investigations) 2 X Capacitor module (1F), Motor module, Buzzer module, White L.E.D. module, Two Way Switch module, Variable Resistor (100R 5W), Toggle switch 10 x Stackable Plug in Connecting leads 2 x Crocodile adaptor clips for Conductors & insulators experiments In-depth Resources CD-ROM with Teaching Guide & printable resources Supplied in deep Gratnells storage tray & lid for easy classroom management Description Ideal for Key Stage 3 Allow students to generate their own power using this advanced kit. Learn about storing energy and which component uses more power to operate. Transfer the free energy of the Sun to create solar powered circuits that produce light, sound and motion. Alternatively crank the handle of the electricity generator to create your own! Each colourful module is safe, robust and clearly shows its component name and electrical symbol. Connections are made quick and securely enabling all children to easily create series or parallel circuits with the supplied stackable leads. All components are strong and securely fixed and have been specifically designed with safety in mind with each sealed module complete with non-slip rubber feet. For Example Circuits refer to the BrightSparks 4kids Electricity & Renewable Energy Kit Teaching Guide