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Labquest Phsyics with Vernier Package (VR158704-1)



Use the LabQuest 3 as a Standalone Device

LabQuest 3 works with all Vernier sensors and built-in LabQuest app.

Wireless (one to many)

Transfer LabQuest 3 data wirelessly via Wi-Fi to one or more devices running Graphical Analysis  app.

Wired (one to many)

LabQuest 3 works with Chromebooks, Windows and macOS computers.

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Experiment Ideas

Physics with Vernier

Physics with Vernier contains 35 experiments in mechanics, sound, light, electricity, and magnetism.

The electronic version of the lab book includes a searchable PDF of the entire book, word-processing files for student experiments, teacher information files including sample data and graphs, a complete materials and supplies list, and other supplemental resources. The printed lab book includes everything in the electronic version, plus a printed copy of the book.

A site license is included. You only need one copy of either the electronic version or printed lab book for your entire school or college department.

Physics with Vernier

Motion Detector

  • Graph Matching
  • Back and Forth Motion
  • Cart on a Ramp
  • Determining g on an Incline
  • Ball Toss
  • Static and Kinetic Friction
  • Air Resistance
  • Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Energy of a Tossed Ball
  • Energy in Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Momentum, Energy and Collisions
  • Impulse and Momentum

Go Direct Force and Acceleration Sensor

  • Newton’s Second Law

Differential Voltage Probe

  • Ohm’s Law
  • Series and Parallel Circuits
  • Capacitors
  • Electrical Energy

Current Probe

  • Ohm’s Law
  • Series and Parallel Circuits
  • Electrical Energy

Go Direct Photogate

  • Picket Fence Free Fall
  • Projectile Motion (Photogates)
  • Atwood’s Machine
  • Pendulum Periods

Ultra Pulley Attachment

  • Atwood’s Machine

Picket Fence

  • Picket Fence Free Fall

Light Sensor

  • Polarization of Light
  • Polarization of Light (Rotary Motion Sensor)
  • Light, Brightness and Distance

Go Direct 3-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor

  • The Magnetic Field in a Coil
  • The Magnetic Field in a Slinky
  • The Magnetic Field of a Permanent Magnet


Free Software

LabQuest App
Collect, share, and analyse sensor data with LabQuest App—the app built into LabQuest 3. LabQuest App facilitates student understanding with real-time graphs of experimental data and intuitive analysis tools.

Learn more about LabQuest 3 »

Graphical Analysis™ for Chrome™, iOS, Android™, Windows®, and macOS®
Collect, share, and analyze sensor data with our free software. Graphical Analysis app facilitates student understanding with real-time graphs of experimental data and intuitive analysis tools.

Learn more about Graphical Analysis »

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