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Go Direct® Centripetal Force Apparatus (VR158128)



When students use the Go Direct Centripetal Force Apparatus with a Go Direct Force and Acceleration Sensor, they can conduct a variety of rotational dynamics investigations with a single experiment setup. This combination easily measures angular velocity and centripetal force and acceleration without the hassle of wires.

Go Direct Centripetal Force Apparatus can be used in a variety of experiments:

  • Investigate circular motion by measuring centripetal acceleration in relation to the radius of rotation and angular velocity.
  • Explore rotational dynamics through an investigation of the force required to keep a mass in circular motion.
  • Explore Newton’s second law, angular acceleration, and the moment of inertia as they relate to circular motion.

Sample Data

Go Direct® Centripetal Force Apparatus Sample Data

Applying a curve fit to the raw data will provide students with clues to the nature of this relationship.

Go Direct® Centripetal Force Apparatus Sample Data

Linearized data for a rotating mass. What are the units of the slope of the line? Can your students predict the mass given the position on the beam?


What's Included

  • Base with adjustable feet
  • Bearing and spindle
  • Rotating beam
  • Loop attachment to connect force sensor to mass carriage
  • Bracket to provide position indicator for sensor
  • Long screw and nut assembly to connect sensor to beam
  • Mass carriage with thumb screws
  • Mass carriage with bearings
  • 50 g masses (4)
  • 100 g masses (4)