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The Go!Link USB sensor interface is a quick and affordable way to get started with data logging. It’s a single-channel interface that connects most Vernier sensors to your computer or Chromebook USB port.

Setting up data-collection experiments is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Plug the Go!Link to a USB port and a sensor into the Go!Link.
  2. Start the data-logging software.
  3. Click on the “Collect” button to see a real-time graph!

Teacher Packs

Save money by purchasing our Go!Link Teacher Packs. Use the 8 Go!Links to connect 8 sensors to 8 computers or connect multiple sensors to one computer or Chromebook


Technical Specification

    • USB specification: 1.1
    • Maximum sample rate: Computer 200 samples per second, Chromebook 10 samples per second
    • Resolution: 12 bit




Logger Lite Software (free download)
Our free data-collection software is a tool for students to see data graphed in real time, examine data point by point, annotate different experiment runs, and more.

Logger Pro (sold separately)
Want to synchronize temperature data with a movie of boiling water? Buy Logger Pro for video capture and analysis and many more features.
Logger Pro

Graphical Analysis for Chrome
Collect real-time sensor data using a Chromebook for analysis and sharing in the classroom.
Graphical Analysis for Chrome