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Geometrical Optics Kit with Laser Ray Box (PH138504)



With this kit you can easily and quickly perform all basic geometrical optics experiments.

The laser ray box is endowed with a switch which allows three different beam configurations (1-3-5).

The high-quality optic bodies allow you to observe the trajectory of reflected and refracted beams.

Because of its good quality/price ratio and because of the number and quality of possible experiments, this kit represents the best solution for geometrical optics experimentation for primary and secondary school.

Experiments Include:

  • Reflection in a flat mirror.
  • Reflection in a concave mirror.
  • Reflection in a convex mirror.
  • Refraction Law.
  • Measure of the refraction index of a transparent solid.
  • Measure of the refraction index of a transparent liquid.
  • The prism and the total reflection.
  • Converging lenses.
  • Diverging lenses.
  • System of two lenses.

What's Included

  • 1 x Laser ray box with power unit
  • 1 x Changeable geometry mirror
  • 1 x Optic foil
  • 1 x Diverging lens
  • 1 x Converging lens
  • 1 x Half-circular optic body
  • 1 x Half-circular tray
  • 1 x Amici’s prism
  • 1 x Isosceles right-angle prism
  • 1 x Chart for geometrical optics studies
  • 1 x Experiment Guide
  • 1 x Case