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Subtractive Colour Synthesis Apparatus (PH137480)



The subtractive colour synthesis is the base for colour printing and exploits the method of the chromatic filters in series. This kit enables you to experiment so that, subtracting different chromatic components from white light, you can obtain primary colours or their additive synthesis on a white screen. In the printing method, paints and inks play the role of the filters.


According to the additive colour synthesis:

  • Red + Green = Yellow R + G = Y
  • Red + Blue= Magenta R + B = M
  • Green + Blue= Cyan G + B = C
  • Red + Green + Blue = White R + G+ B = W

Consequently, if you place before a white light source:

  • A yellow filter, you subtract the blue colour: W – B = G
  • A magenta filter, you subtract the green colour W – G = M
  • A cyan filter, you subtract the red colour W – R = C
  • A yellow filter + a magenta filter + a cyan filter, you subtract blue, green and red colours. W – B – G- R = N.

What's Included

  • 1 x White light projector
  • 1 x Projector power-unit
  • 3 x Filter holders
  • 1 x White screen
  • 1 x Series of 3 secondary colour filters
  • 5 x Bases
  • 1 x Case