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Kirchoff-Bunsen’s Spectroscope (PH137248)



The item is mounted on a circular, metal platform, and it is composed of 1 collector with adjustable slit, 1 collector with eyepiece and cross grating, 1 scale holder collimator with graduated scale.

The collimator’s slit is supplied with a small prism which allows you to compare the spectrum of two different sources. While the collimator, with 28 mm achromatic objective, is fixed to the platform, the collector, which comes with the same objective, can spin on an alidade maintaining the central directional axis.

The scale-holder adjustable collimator projects the image of the graduated scale in the collector eyepiece through the reflection on one of the prism faces.

This one is an equilateral prism made of highly dispersive material and it is mounted on a central rotating disk.

Comes supplied with work charts.