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Human Skeleton (Hanging)



This standard model of a human skeleton, has been appreciated throughout the world for decades. Thanks to its very high quality and robust construction, it is perfect for use in hospitals, schools, universities and laboratories. So choose the original among artificial skeletons. Now available on a stable metal hanging stand with 5 casters!

  • Exceptional value for money
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Top quality natural casting “Made in Germany”
  • Final assembly carried out by hand
  • Made of durable, washable, unbreakable plastic
  • Almost realistic human skeleton weight of the approx. 200 bones
  • Natural skeleton size
  • 3-part mounted skull
  • Individually inserted teeth
  • On a stable metal hanging stand with 5 casters (painted white)
  • Limbs are quick and easy to remove
  • Stand and skeleton dust cover included
  • Can also be used with a wall mounted A59/8 (not included) multifunctional stand for a space saving solution

186 cm, Weight 7.2kg
Product Code: BL130304