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These UK manufactured Incubator offers amazing value for money and a fast delivery time and will suit most laboratory applications including drying, heating and general use.

Internal dimensions - H 325mm x W 490mm x D 315mm

External dimensions - H 615mm x W 590mm x D 422mm

Range Specifications:

- Standard temperature range from Ambient +10 C to 100 C;

- Fluctuation typically +/-0.75C;

- Powder coated body is easy to clean;

- Aluminum clad steel chamber;

- Calibrated dial thermostat;

- Independent overheat safety thermostat;

- CE compliant;

- Full UK one year parts & labour warranty.

-3 shelf positions - 2 shelves included

Optional extras available on request:

- Stainless steel chamber;

- Fan circulation;

- Digital dual display controller;

- Fluctuation typically +/-0.25C;

- Inner glass doors;

- Programmable controllers;

- Top mounted controls.

Delivery 7-14 days