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Bench Process Stop-Clock Timer (TIM1164)

£8.22 £9.13

Easy to use as a standard timer or automatically triggered by external devices for start/stop via 4mm jack sockets. The stop-clock is a high accuracy timer, with a robust construction ideal for regular use. Colour coded buttons and jack sockets make the timer extremely practical and convenient to use.

  • 30ppm quartz crystal with a fixed calibrated capacitor of 27pF for hi-accuracy timing
  • 15mm LCD display
  • Quick and easy press-button action for activation of Start, Stop and Reset
  • Stop, Start and Reset actuation buttons located on the top of the timer for faster reaction times
  • Pressing the Reset button during a timing cycle displays the time elapsed
  • 4mm jack sockets for Start, Stop and Reset allow automatic triggering of timer by external devices
  • Practical and convenient to use with colour coding and clear marking on buttons and jack sockets
  • Impact-resistant ABS case with non-slip rubber feet for stability on the bench
  • Supplied with battery