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Hot Wire Anemometer (AVM-8880)


This hot wire anemometer is ideal for low air velocity and volume measurement. The slim plug-in telescopic hot wire probe extends from 0.3 to 1m (inc handle) has a probe sensor head 9mm√ò and is ideal for grille hoods and diffusers. It is excellent for ventilation surveys, air conditioning, clean rooms, flow hoods, air balancing & environmental monitoring. USB interface for real time transfer of readings to PC or Laptop.

Note: This instrument operates on the basis of maintaining the sensor element at a constant 80°C. Therefore, the battery life is limited to approx. 4 hours operation.

0.1 to 25m/sec x 0.01
Measures air velocity in m/sec, ft/min, km/hr, knots & mph
Measures air volume in m3/min or f3/min
Measures temperature °C or °F
58mm LCD display with backlight and function indicators
Data Hold & min/max for airflow and temperature
Low battery indicator
Auto power off, can be user disabled
USB interface for real time transfer of readings to a PC
Mean point (average) over displayed elapsed time
Standard ¼” camera bush for tripod mounting
Supplied with USB connection cable, software, hard carry case, telescopic probe, battery and AC/DC mains power adaptor