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Blue/White Cloning of a DNA Fragment & Assay of ß-galactosidase (875)


When DNA is subcloned in the pUC polylinker region, ß-galactosidase production is interrupted, resulting in the inability of cells to hydrolyze X-Gal. This results in the production of white colonies amongst a background of blue colonies. This experiment provides a DNA fragment together with a linear plasmid and T4 DNA Ligase. Following the ligation to synthesize the recombinant plasmid, competent E. coli cells are transformed and the number of recombinant antibiotic resistant white and blue colonies are counted. ß-galactosidase activity is assayed from blue and white bacterial cells. This experiment can be broken down into three modules: ligation, transformation, and assay of ß-galactosidase.

Kit includes:

Instructions, Linearized pUC plasmid & DNA fragment, T4 Ligase, BactoBeads‚Ñ¢ for transformation, XGal in solvent, IPTG, calcium chloride, antibiotic, ReadyPour‚Ñ¢ Luria Broth Agar, Luria broth media for recovery, growth media, assay components, plastic supplies

You Need:

Incubation oven, two water baths, shaking incubator or shaking waterbath, microwave or hot plate, automatic micropipet and tips, spectrophotometer, balance, centrifuge, microcentrifuge, glassware and cuvettes, distilled water, ice.