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Affinity Chromatography of Glucose Binding Proteins (835)


In this experiment, students will prepare a seed extract from Jack Bean Meal, fractionate the extract by affinity chromatography, and elute the bound glucose binding protein. The presence of biological activity is determined by an immunoblot enzyme assay.

• Explore proteins and learn the principle of affinity chromatography
• Work your way through three connected experiments
• Carry out a simple protein extraction
• Use column chromatography to isolate a carbohydrate-binding lectic
• Perform an immunoblot enzyme assay on different elations


Kit Includes:

Instructions, affinity gel, jack bean meal, various solutions and buffers, petri plates, columns with tips, conical tubes, membranes, and transfer pipets.

All You Need:

Clinical centrifuge, vortex or shaking platform, micropipet and tips, ring stands and clamps, lab glassware, pipets & pumps, microtest tubes, forceps, water.