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Advanced Power Signal Generator (804500)

£179.10 £199.00

The Bench Top advanced signal generator is a versatile unit that has both high and low impedance outputs, making the unit ideal for driving vibration generators and loudspeakers whilst an internal speaker (which can be turned on or off) can be used to demonstrate the human hearing range. The unit also includes an auxiliary input for amplifying external sound signals. A separate headphone socket lead and 4mm adapter is also available to transfer the various sound signals into the signal generator.

Frequency range: 1 to 110 kHz in 5-decade range

Waveforms: Sine, square or triangular.

 Digital LED display

 Low impedance output x watts: Perfect for driving vibration generators or loudspeakers

High impedance output: Can be attenuated by a factor of 10 or 100

Built-in loud speaker (can be switched off)

Internal short circuit protection

Amplitude and frequency modulation options

Input impedance: 1M Ohm Frequency response 1Hz to 100kHz, -3dB

Output power: 4W into 4W load

Size 270 x 321 x 156mm (LxWxH) Weight 5Kg