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Bacterial Protein Fingerprinting (760)


The objective of this experiment is for students to prepare soluble protein lysates from several species of bacteria and analyze the electrophoretic protein profiles to identify an unknown.

• Introduce biodiversity and biotechnology with the same lab!
• Use polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis to explore microbial diversity and identify an unknown sample
• Students are involved in every step from growing the bacteria cultures to running the gel
• Classroom-friendly strains of bacteria in our easy storage BactoBead™ formulation

Kit Includes:

Instructions, bacterial cultures and reagents, Lysozyme, buffers, Protein InstaStain®, practice gel loading solution, protein sample buffer, unknown proteins ready for electrophoresis, ReadyPour™ Agar, nutrient broth, screw cap tubes, sterile inoculating loops, sterile 1 ml pipets, sterile petri plates, 100 x 15 mm

All You Need:

3 polyacrylamide gels (12%), vertical gel electrophoresis apparatus, power supply, microcentrifuge, incubation oven, hot plate or burner, white light visualization system, automatic micropipette with fine tips, lab glassware, methanol, glacial acetic acid, distilled water, sterile water or nutrient broth, plastic wrap, photodocumentation system (optional)