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Going Un-Viral: Virus Quantification Using Plaque Assays (700)


In this simulation experiment, students will use a viral plaque assay to determine the viral load of two patients undergoing antiviral treatment. They will then share classroom data to evaluate the treatment's effect.

• Explore viruses and the biotechnologies used to prevent, treat, and monitor them
• Perform plaque assays on a simulated patient sample to determine viral load
• Evaluate the success of an antiviral treatment by sharing and graphing class results
• Our COLORTOP™ Agar and Bacteriophage T4 ViroBeads™ are safe, easy to use, and designed for the classroom

Kit Includes:

Instructions, E. coli BactoBeads™ Bacteriophage T4 ViroBeads™ ReadyPour™ Luria Broth Agar, COLORTOP™ 1X phosphate buffered saline (PBS), Luria Broth, 50 mL conical tube, 15mL screw-cap conical tubes, 1.5 mL snap-top microcentrifuge tubes, sterile loops, petri plates (large), wrapped 10 mL pipet (sterile)

All You Need:

37ÀöC incubation oven, water bath, automatic micropipettes with tips, pipet pump, white light box (optional), & aluminum foil