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Forensics Enhancement Techniques (655)

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Trace amounts of blood are often sufficient to identify the individual responsible for any number of crimes, including murder, burglary, or assault. Enhancement procedures can make a small stain of body fluid or tissue visible to the naked eye. In this experiment, students will act as detectives following the aftermath of a drug bust involving gang warfare over territory. Reagents that are routinely used as a first screen will be utilized to detect simulated blood and DNA. In addition, biological materials will be recovered from splatters, blood trajectory, and small droplets of simulated human materials.

• Introduce students to forensic techniques that identify blood at a crime scene
• Learn about blood splatter analysis, chemiluminescence, and red blood cells
• Test multiple objects from a crime scene for the presence of blood using Luminol and Leucocrystal Violet tests
• Understand presumptive and confirmatory tests

Kit Includes:

Instructions, "evidence bags" containing various samples for blood identification, spray bottles, calibrated transfer pipets, and 50mL conical tubes

All You Need:

Distilled water, disposable vinyl or latex laboratory gloves