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Forensics Enzymology (650)

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Enzymes can accomplish a lot but can they also solve a crime? In this simulation experiment, students will determine the level of the enzyme amylase for two drivers to determine who was responsible for a deadly accident. They’ll use an iodine test to visualize the disappearance of the substrate (starch) and they’ll use a Dinitrosalicylic acid test to visualize the appearance of produce (maltose). A great way to understand enzymatic reactions in a fun and engaging forensic context.

• Understand the role of enzymes as biological catalysts
• Determine enzyme activity levels based on two colorimetric tests
• Observe how enzyme levels affect substrate disappearance & product creation rate
• Learn forensic analysis procedures that maintain the integrity of the evidence

Kit Includes:

Instructions, simulated control and driver saliva samples, starch, HCl, Iodine, and detection solutions, transfer pipets, microtiter plates, microtest tubes.

All You Need:

Test tube racks, lab permanent markers, test tubes, beakers, distilled water