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How Clean is Clean? Testing the Effectiveness of Antibacterial Cleaners (630)


Microbes, including bacteria, are living organisms that are too small to be seen with the naked eye. In this lab, students will do two experiments to explore the properties of bacterial growth. First, they will determine a bacteria's ability to resist the antibiotic ampicillin, then they will test different household cleaners to determine which is most effective at preventing bacterial growth.

• Learn about helpful & harmful microbes, antibiotics, and antibiotic resistance
• Perform Kirby-Bauer disk tests
• Guided experiment to quantify the ability of bacteria to resist the antibiotic ampicillin
• Open-ended experiment to test the effectiveness of household cleaners

Kit Includes:

Ampicillin, E. coli BactoBeads™, bottle of ReadyPour™ Agar (sterile), bottle of Recovery Broth, petri plates (small & large), plastic microtipped transfer pipets, wrapped 10 mL pipet (sterile), swabs (sterile), microcentrifuge tubes, and disks for antibiotics.

All You Need:

Microwave oven, adjustable volume micropipette (50-50µl and 50-200µl recommended), incubation oven (37° C), pipet pumps or bulbs, marking pens, gloves and safety goggles, a variety of household cleaners.