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Exercise Book 9x7" Lined 48 Page Box 50 Blue (26378)

£7.76 £8.62

Made up of 48 pages of educational grade 75gsm paper, our 9x7” Lined Exercise Book is ideal for learning environments where children are practicing their handwriting as each page has a spacious 8mm ruling and left-handed margin for notes or comments. Able to withstand heavy penmanship and classroom activities, the exercise books are protected by a durable 200gsm cover with staples down the spine. Available in an assortment of colours including blue, green, yellow and red, each exercise book can be matched with a particular class or subject.

  • 75gsm paper
  • 200gsm cover with 3 staples down spine
  • 48 pages of lined paper
  • 8mm ruling
  • Left-hand side margin
  • Economical 50 book box great for classes
  • Assortment of colours
  • 9x7" size paper