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A5 Spiral Notebook 80 Sheet (24315)

£4.32 £4.80

For those moments where a quick note is needed, choose our A4 Spiral Notebook. With its compact, A5 size, this handy notebook slips easily into larger folders and space-limited bags to ensure that at every moment, you have the equipment to jot down any information. Lightweight in construction, this notebook feature 80 sheets of feint and ruled margin paper which holds ballpoint and biro ink well and is protected by a laminated paper from and rigid back. The binding allows the paper to be folded back on itself making it easy to work your way through this spiral notebook without any worry about ruining the spine. A practical addition within any working environment

  • A5 size is portable and compact
  • Lightweight so as not to weigh you down
  • Suitable for notes or doodles
  • White paper contrasts well with black, blue and red ink
  • Spiral bounding makes it easier to work your way through every sheet
  • Notebook size: A5
  • No. Pages - 80