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Do Onions, Strawberries and Bananas Have DNA? (1830)


Your students can construct DNA models and then extract DNA from onions, strawberries or bananas. You provide the fruit or vegetables and 95-100% isopropyl alcohol, your students extract DNA.

• Learn about living organisms and DNA
• Students construct double-stranded DNA models and explore nucleotide pairing
• A classroom spooling demonstration lets students see DNA and introduces this technique
• Finally, student extract and spool fruit and vegetable DNA in two hands-on experiments

Group Size:

For 10 lab groups

Kit Includes:

Instructions, DNA extraction buffer, DNA sample in capped test tube, transfer pipets, pop beads, glass rod, DNA spooling rods, test tubes, salt

All You Need:

Fruit, vegetables, and 95-100% isopropyl alcohol