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DNA DuraGel‚Ñ¢ (for 2 Gels) (1775)

£27.00 £30.00

DNA DuraGel™ gels are permanent polymer gels that allow students to practice the critically important skill of pipetting/gel loading. The clear, reusable gels are designed for the practice of loading 5 - 35 µl of samples. The gel grids are imprinted with a ruler for sizing DNA fragments. Also included are simulated FlashBlue™ and Ethidium Bromide gel images, ideal for representing how actual gels are stained with Methylene Blue and Ethidium Bromide.

Group Size:

For 4 students or classroom demo

Time Required:

No time requirement

Kit Includes:

2 reusable DNA DuraGel‚Ñ¢, 2 FlashBlue‚Ñ¢ and 2 Ethidium Bromide gel images, practice gel loading solution and mini-transfer pipets

All You Need:

Micropipettes are recommended