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Drywipe Marker Bullet Tip Black 10 Pack (14183)

£2.39 £2.66

Capture the attention of all the important minds in your next board meeting with our Drywipe Marker Bullet Tip Black 10 Pack. Suited to all manner of environments from the office through to the classroom, these easy grip markers have a slim lined design that is comfortable enough for those longer than planned meetings. The removable ink can be wiped clean off of traditional whiteboards with the swipe of a dry cloth while the low odour formula dries instantly to reduce the risk of pesky smudges. A great tool for both adults and children alike, each drywipe marker can be used with smaller board to engage a group or to pick out key facts when presenting your latest findings to a larger meeting. The 10 pack offers a suitable option for replenishment stock or when purchased for specific group activities.

  • Suitable for use on standard white boards
  • Low odour suitable for longer term use
  • Ink dries instantly but can be removed with any dry cloth
  • 2mm line width
  • Pack size: 10