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Absorbent benchcoat - 50cm x 50m (120003)

£99.00 £110.00

Absorbent paper

This 120 gsm absorbent paper provides a total protection thanks to its two layers. The top side consists of a layer of cellulose of great liquid absorption power; the reverse side consists of a layer of polyethylene ensuring that it is completely waterproof.

For use in the following applications:
- Laboratory trays and tables protection,
- Pathological anatomy laboratories,
- Seed germination (between-paper method),
- Spillage recovering using its leaktight surface,
- Particularly suitable for working with materials that are valuable (precious metals) or hazardous (toxic or corrosive materials).

Paper thickness: 0.244mm
Absorption: 170 g/m2. Klemm absorption: 86mm.