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Technician tools

Mini-apps to solve all of life's woes as a science technician.

One for the favourites bar, and to share with colleagues on Preproom, Twitter or Facebook.

📋 Free requisitions scheduling

A Bunsen classic. A free tool for teachers to book out equipment for science practicals.

🔧 Repairs and services

A searchable, filterable, mapped database of repairs and services providers in the UK.

Filter by service type or click on the map to find providers near you.

🧮 Service factor calculator

Chuck away the pen and paper and calculate your service factor instantly.

🧳 Trips, workshops and events

A mapped, searcheable database of technician-contributed suggestions for fun days out and activities.

👩‍💼 Job interview questions

Got a job interview coming up? Or maybe you're the interviewer?

Have a browse of our database of technician-contributed interview questions

🕵️‍♂️ Inspection questions

What do inspectors ask technicians?

If you've got an OFSTED, ISI, exam board, HSE, or LA inspection coming up, get a heads up by browsing our searchable database of questions asked during inspections

Science education grants

A database of funding sources for your department's next big project, outreach activity, or event.