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Do requisitions your way.

Organise your preproom tasks, all in one place - for free.

Mockup of Bunsen requisitions app
Mockup of Bunsen requisitions app

Requisitions, simplified

Bunsen lets teachers book out equipment for lessons, and displays this in a scheduler for their colleagues to see.

How it works

Effortless bookings

Once teachers have been invited to Bunsen, they can make requisitions in seconds on a computer or phone.

Bunsen prevents double bookings by checking if equipment is available, and flags up any clashes.

Control late requisitions

Set a deadline for requisitions and never let a late request slip under the radar again.

Customise with tags and colours

Tag and colour code reservations by subject, topic or preparation status to get a clear overview of what's being booked out.

Filter your schedule by tag to see relevant bookings.

Make requisitions → earn discounts

Every requsition made earns loyalty points that you can spend on supplies from your favourite vendors in the Bunsen marketplace.

Get set up in minutes

Input your timetable and classroom names. Dump your practical and inventory spreadsheets into the bulk upload function, and let us prep everything for you.

Migrating from another system? Export any files and place them inside our bulk upload tool.

Any questions?

Take a look at our FAQs to find our how we are free for schools, or book a 15 minute demo to see the app in action.

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