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How you save big with Bunsen

What suppliers don’t want you to know 👀

Supplier prices vary so much these days.

One reason is that it’s difficult to compare prices: you’ve got to flick through catalogues or visit supplier sites one by one.

Sometimes it’s just not worth the effort 😪

Suppliers know this and get away with charging higher prices on some products and lower prices on others, because it’s so slow to shop around 🐌

And even though some suppliers say that they’re wallet-friendly, no single supplier offers the lowest prices across all products

This means that the market isn’t transparent - and it’s schools that lose out.

We’re on a mission to fix this 🚀

Why we’re building Bunsen 🛠️

You use Google Shopping, MoneySupermarket and CompareTheMarket to compare prices when buying things for yourself.

So why isn't there a price comparison site for school supplies, especially as budgets are tightening?

That's why we've built Bunsen.

We let you compare prices from all your favourite suppliers on a single site.

This makes the market more transparent, and saves you money.



We’re the secret that suppliers don’t want you to know about 😉

Let’s see how you can save 30% on a typical shop for your school 💸

We've designed an example basket with products that schools often buy. The basket contains a mix of

🧪 Consumables

🫗 Glassware

🔬 Big, one-off purchases

We also account for the fact that schools buy different items in different quantities.

Here’s our typical basket.

Product Basket Quantity
2M Hydrochloric Acid (2.5L) 2
Battery AA (10 pack) 10
Borosilicate Beaker 10
Cover Slips (100 pack) 10
Dropping Bottle 10
Filter Paper (100 pack) 20
Goggles 30
Melting Point Apparatus 1
Monocular Microscope 5
Plastic Pipettes (pack of 500) 20
Reagent Bottles 20
Soda Lime (500g) 4
Sodium Metabisulphite (500g) 4
Stirring Hot Plate 2
Test Tubes (50) 10
Weighing Boats (250) 20


We compared hundreds of products from 10+ suppliers to determine typical market prices for these products. Here is an example of a shopping basket of typical examples of these products (as of January 2023).


Product Name Typical Vendor Price Market Median Price Basket Quantity Typical basket
Hydrochloric Acid 2M Breckland Scientific £14.30 £10.61 2 £28.60
Energizer Industrial Alkaline Battery - AA, LR6 - pack of 10 Pack of ten Philip Harris £3.49 £3.49 10 £34.90
Simax Beakers, Squat Form, 250 mL Timstar £9.33 £9.09 10 £93.30
Cover Slips No.1 Timstar £1.90 £1.65 10 £19.00
ACADEMY Dropping bottles, clear glass, 50ml Select School Supplies £2.38 £2.38 10 £23.80
Filter paper 304 - Grade no. 1 - 150mm Breckland Scientific £5.30 £4.96 20 £106.00
Spectacles, Lightweight, Safety Timstar £2.30 £2.30 30 £69.00
MELTING POINT APPARATUS - DIGITAL Breckland Scientific £595.84 £595.84 1 £595.84
Satz Monocular Student Microscope [80627] Better Equipped £94.98 £93.99 5 £474.90
Plastic pasteur pipettes 3ml pk500 Select School Supplies £6.85 £6.85 20 £137.00
Bottles, reagent, polypropylene stopper 500ml Beecroft £4.56 £4.09 20 £91.20
Soda Lime 3-5mm Self Indicating, 500 g Timstar £9.70 £8.02 4 £38.80
Sodium metabisulphite (Sodium disulphate (VI)) L.R. 500g Beecroft £2.80 £2.80 4 £11.20
Amicus Round-top Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer [2531] Better Equipped £314.55 £314.55 2 £629.10
Philip Harris Glass Test Tubes, with Rim: 24mm x 150mm Pack of fifty Philip Harris £23.40 £23.40 10 £234.00
Weighing Boats: 100ml - Pack of 250 Box of two hundred fifty Philip Harris £22.05 £22.05 20 £441.00
Basket Total £3,027.64


When you buy on bunsen

By shopping on Bunsen, you can find the cheapest vendor for each of these, and on top of that, you get access to Bunsen Exclusive pricing. For this specific basket, here’s what you get on Bunsen (prices checked January 2023).

Product Name Vendor Basket Quantity Vendor Price Bunsen Exclusive price
2.5L Hydrochloric Acid 2M SLS Select Education 2 £13.80 £12.83
AA ENERGIZER INDUSTRIAL BATTERY PK10 Select School Supplies 10 £27.50 £25.58
SLS Select Beaker Borosilicate Glass Squat Form with Spout - 250mL SLS Select Education 10 £88.60 £82.40
Microscope Cover Slips No. 1 22x22mm SLS Select Education 10 £14.00 £13.02
Dropping Bottle Clear 50ml SLS Select Education 10 £23.30 £21.67
FILTER PAPER PROFESSIONAL GRADE 1 15CM Select School Supplies 20 £61.40 £57.10
Overspec Clear Lens Select School Supplies 30 £63.00 £58.59
Cole-Parmer MP-200D Stuart Digital Melting Point Apparatus; 240 VAC SLS Select Education 1 £594.88 £553.24
Microscope Monocular Mirror Illumination 42mm dia. SLS Select Education 5 £259.80 £241.61
Plastic pasteur pipettes 3ml pk500 Select School Supplies 20 £137.00 £127.41
Reagent Bottles, clear glass with interchangable dust proof stopper, 500ml Select School Supplies 20 £72.40 £67.33
SODA LIME SELF INDICATING 500g Select School Supplies 4 £25.20 £23.44
Sodium Metabisulphite (500G) SLS Select Education 4 £11.12 £10.34
Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer 5 lt Aluminum Top Select School Supplies 2 £360.72 £335.47
Simax Borosilicate Test Tubes 150x24mm pack of 50 SLS Select Education 10 £277.50 £258.08
SLS Select Polystyrene Weighing Boat - 100mL, White, Diamond SLS Select Education 20 £256.80 £238.82
Bunsen Price £2,126.93
Bunsen Savings £900.71


That’s a saving of 30% !


Frequently asked questions

Q: I already buy from a budget vendor, will I still save money with Bunsen?

A: Yes, no single vendor is cheapest for all products. On top of that, Bunsen offers exclusive discounts that are not available through the vendor directly.

Q: Are the products you're comparing, really like-for-like substitutions?

A: It's often impossible to find exact like-for-like substitutions between different vendors. We've tried to find products that are equivalent for use in schools.

Q: I've found an even cheaper version of a product somewhere else, can you include it?

A: Yes, just use the "Contact us" link at the bottom of this page to let us know.