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Free science posters

A database of links to free posters to brighten up your classroom 👩‍🎨

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Printing large posters yourself to save money

Method 1: use a large-format printer

  1. Choose and download a poster that you like a look of from the list above
  2. Print on a large sheet of paper (A2-A0). If your school doesn't have a large printer, ask a local makerspace or university if you can use theirs.
  3. Laminate the poster for durability. If the poster is too big for your laminator, sandwich it between two sheets of sticky-backed plastic instead.
  4. Staple-gun to a display board.

Method 2: split a large poster into several smaller pieces that you can stick together

  1. Download the poster that you want to print from the link above.
  2. Split the downloaded file into several sheets that you can stick together on your wall, using a multi-page PDF generator.
  3. Print and laminate (optional) each sheet.
  4. Line the sheets up and staple them on a display board.

Method 3: use a printing service

  1. Choose and download a poster that you like a look of from the list above.
  2. Send it to a local or cheap online printing service like Solopress or Print24.

Method 4: buy ready-made posters

Looking for something ready made? Browse a collection of professionally-printed science posters from all major UK science suppliers

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