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That's a Griffin and George catalogue from 1969.

School procurement workflows haven't changed much since then.

But our lives have.

Now we buy books from Amazon. We rent homes on Airbnb. We travel on Uber.

We’re all used to the convenience of marketplaces when buying things for ourselves: they let us compare prices from different sellers and discover new products

So why should schools put up with the old way of doing things?

Prices and products vary hugely between suppliers, and they're time consuming to compare. Flicking through paper catalogues or having 10 tabs open at once should be a thing of the past.

That's why we're building Bunsen.

We want schools to quickly buy what they need at the best price, and discover new resources from sellers that might otherwise be hard to find.

That way, schools have more time and money to spend on inspiring teaching.

Our mission

Why we're building Bunsen

Meet the team

Alex Tep, Founder

I used to teach biology and I left my job to build Bunsen. As a teacher, I saw how much time our technicians spent trying to get the best price for equipment, and thought that something has to change.

Before that, I studied Biology at Oxford University, where I fell in love with evolutionary biology. Outside of work, I’m a keen guitarist!

Vincent Lonij, Lead engineer

I'm a physicist turned software engineer with a passion for building products.

Before turning to engineering, I worked as a teaching assistant in the physics lab at the University of Arizona while doing research in atomic physics and renewable energy. This taught me how to be creative when teaching physics practicals on a budget.

When I'm not at Bunsen you can find me riding my bike or on the dance floor (Blues dance).