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Buy Prepared Microscope Slides for your school. Ships anywhere in the UK.

View prepared microscope slides from different vendors side-by-side. Our range includes items like "Prepared Slide, Human Plantar Skin" and "Sedum, Stonecrop, A Typical Succulent Leaf T.S." from vendors like AmScope and IQCrew. Bunsen specializes in products for school practicals and classroom demonstrations. We list 3735.0 prepared microscope slides with prices ranging from GBP 0.95 to GBP 99.99. Shipping to the United Kingdom.


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Better Equipped (web search result) Microslides Prepared Set of 12 [3028]
Breckland Scientific (web search result) Striated Muscle, TS showing Muscle Spindles - Slide
Beecroft (web search result) Unstained sections, loose sections, 10
Beecroft (web search result) 70 x 70 x 20mm deep
Better Equipped (web search result) Edvotek Cell Types in the Brain [80386]
Philip Harris (web search result) Graduated Mechanical Microscope Stage
Timstar (web search result) Microscope Slide Folder
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